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Step 1. Concrete Type

What are you using it for?

Select your concrete by application or type.

Use the information icon in the top-right of the application images to display relevent product details.

Select your concrete by application

  • GEN 1Single Storey Foundation Footing
  • GEN 3Double Storey Foundation Footing
  • GEN 3Internal House Floor
  • MaxiTrenchflowEasy Trenchflow
  • RC28/35Domestic Garage Floor
  • PAV1Driveway and External Paving

Select your concrete by type

Step 2. Calculate Volume

How much concrete do you need?

Use the concrete volume calculator to estimate your concrete needs, or if you know how much you need enter it into the volume box. A minimum of 1m3 is required.

Disclaimer:This tool is intended to be used as a guide only. We accept no responsibility for its incorrect use, and make no representation or warranty as to its accuracy. If unsure of requirements please call us.

Concrete Quantity

Please enter the Cubic Meters (m³) required to one decimal place, or use the Concrete Calculator


Quantity Calculator

Select the volume unit and enter sizes

Step 3: Extras

Additional Services and Extras

Do you require any additional services or pump hire?

Note:If pump hire is required then a suitable slump type (120 Pump Mix) will be automatically selected, and pump mix additional service added.

Additional Services

Please select all Additional Services should you require any. Leave unchecked if none required.

  • Polypropolene Fibremesh 150 - Fibres are used for extra durability (£5.00 / m3)
  • 10mm Aggregate - An alternative to the standard 20mm aggregate (£3.00 / m3)
  • CEM I / OPC - A mix containing Cement only, ideal for use when early curing is required and when power floating (£3.50 / m3)
  • Pump Mix - A fluid mix used when concrete is to be pumped (£2.20 / m3)

Concrete Slump

Please select your concrete slump type. Slump is the consistency of the mix. Please note the vehicles only carry 200 litres of water should you require additional water to be added.

  • 30 Slump (Dry Mix)
  • 50 Slump (Semi Dry)
  • 70 Slump (Standard)
  • 90 Slump (Wet)
  • 120 Slump (Pump Mix)

Concrete Discharge

Please select how you will be discharging the concrete.

  • Pump
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Straight Pour
  • Machine Bucket
  • Other ( State In Order Notes )

Pump Hire

A line pump can be hired together with your concrete. The pump hire is £500 + VAT for 4 hours, any additional hours are £60 per hour thereafter. Please note that within the 4 hours ,30 minutes is set up time and 1 hour for clean down. We can take no responsibility for any delays regarding concrete however if the concrete and pump are both booked with us then we will aim to send the concrete on consecutively where possible.

  • Do you require pump hire?

Step 4: Delivery

When would you like your concrete delivered?

Your delivery schedule will be confirmed by phone after your order has been placed.

Please note:We are closed on Sundays. Delivery is an estimate, we cannot guarantee a delivery time.

Click "Place Order" to proceed to the checkout where billing & shipping details can be added and payment made, or use the tabs to amend your order requirements.

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We pride ourselves on offering high quality minimix concrete deliveries in Lutterworth along with great customer service to every single customer we deal with.

We are able to provide specialist concrete to small and large scale projects - from concrete driveways and footings to industrial floors and agricultural applications.

If you’re based in the Lutterworth area we are on hand to provide the services you need. This includes helping calculate the project area, affordable pricing and recommendations on the best minimix concrete mix for you.

Our minimix concrete deliveries in Lutterworth are the ideal choice for any domestic applications and can be used for whole range of jobs. We also cater for larger commercial sites as well.

For a reliable and quality service enquire today or use our simple, fast and secure online booking and payment form on this page.