About Maxi MiniMix

Maxi MiniMix is part of the Maxi ReadyMix Concrete brand.

Our Mini Mix division is aimed at domestic buyers of concrete in the Leicestershire area and can be used for projects such as driveways, flooring and foundation laying.

Our mixes range from GEN mixes through to self-compacting and Gyvlon flowing floor screeds, offering the perfect ready mix solutions, whatever the project, every single time.

What we offer

  • Quick orders of readymix concrete from 1 to 4m3.
  • Order loads over 4m3 online utilising our 8m3 vehicles
  • A Concrete Calculator so you know the exact amount of concrete you need to buy.
  • Concrete Suggestion Tool so you get the perfect concrete for your project.
  • Next day deliveries.
  • Small, easy to manoeuvre minimix vehicles, giving better site access and less risk of damage.
  • Free technical advice.

We have over 25 years experience in the construction industry, and our well trained staff are always on hand to help with any questions you may have on the concrete buying/delivery process. Alternatively you can visit our FAQ Page or just simply give us a call today.